The online application form for Future Performance Program must be completed in one session and cannot be saved. An email acknowledging receipt will be sent to you.

Please note that due to time and resource limitations we make no commitment to provide feedback on proposals not shortlisted for consideration.

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    N.B. This can be a working budget to gain a sense of the project’s scale. A final budget will be discussed in further detail with successful applicants.

    PICA seeks to provide in-kind support in the form of venue spaces for development and presentation, access to existing equipment, venue staff (technicians, box office managers and ushers) and marketing. Where possible, PICA provides cash support to projects and takes box office. At this stage, you do not need to include costs for PICA’s in-kind support and box office income; this will discussed further with successful applicants.
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    Accepted file types: xlsx.

  • Please submit a written statement (maximum 1 page) that is an overview of your project and describes it in the following areas:
    • Content: This can include a synopsis on the content of your work, its themes and conceptual underpinnings, area/s of research and exploration.
    • Form: What artforms are you developing? How are you pushing the form of the work and what experience will you create for audiences?
    • Relevance: Why do you want to make the work now? How is it culturally, socially, politically or personally responsive to our times? Do you have a particular audience in mind for the work?
    • Partnership: why is a partnership with PICA on this particular project important?
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please list the project’s creative team and roles. You may submit one paragraph biographies of your creative team. [maximum 2,500 characters]
  • You may supply up to 3 URLs containing the following documents in support of your project:
    • Dropbox link containing up to 5 low-res images (Images must be < 2MB in size, in JPG and should be titled: ARTIST NAME, WORK TITLE, YEAR, PHOTO CREDIT)
    • YouTube or Vimeo links to video content (max 5 minutes, however, if your work is a remount we will also accept full length videos)
    • Link to audio content (max 5 minutes)
    • Link to artist website
    • 1 page of additional writing or plans
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  • All applications will receive an automated confirmation of receipt upon submission. If you are having troubles submitting your application, please contact Communications Coordinator, Leslie Rigot at marketing@pica.org.au. If you have artistic questions about your project or PICA’s program please contact Tim Carter at producer@pica.org.au