Our Current Donors




  • A special thank you to donors who have contributed a total of $10,000 plus in the life of the PICA donor program.
  • Charles Morgan and Caroline De Mori
  • Desi and Marcus Canning
  • Tim Bradsmith
  • Bux Charitable Foundation
  • Ben and Kate Opie
  • Tony Chong
  • Marco D'Orsogna
  • Di and Jeff Hay
  • Griselda Hitchcock
  • Joanne Farrell
  • Matthew Howison
  • William Kentridge
  • Golden Group
  • Fred and Georgina Nagle
  • Véronique Ramén
  • Wesfarmers
  • Zoé Lenard and Hamish Milne
  • Robyn Glindemann
  • Michael and Liza Blakiston
  • Frédéric and Capucine Flipo
  • David and Jenny Martin
  • Adrian and Michela Fini
  • Franklin Gaffney
  • Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor
  • Ungar Family Foundation
  • Zelinda Bafile
  • Sandra Barrett-Lennard
  • Waldemar Kolbusz
  • Allan Miles and Steven Shadwell
  • James Price and Gillian Gallagher


  • Ungar Family Foundation
  • Bux Charitable Foundation


  • Dr Harold Schenberg
  • Griselda Hitchcock, estate of Shelagh Wakely, artist


  • Ungar Family Foundation
  • Michael and Liza Blakiston


  • Desi and Marcus Canning
  • Frédéric and Capucine Flipo
  • David and Jenny Martin
  • Joanne Farrell
  • Adrian and Michela Fini
  • Marco D'Orsogna
  • Allan Miles and Steven Shadwell
  • Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor
  • Jamie Price and Gillian Gallagher
  • Zelinda Bafile
  • Di and Jeff Hay
  • Véronique Ramén


  • Robyn Glindemann
  • Georgia Malone
  • Sandra Barrett-Lennard
  • Patti Simpson and Michael Bennett
  • Rob and Lola Wilson
  • Bux Charitable Foundation
  • Liz and Robin Forbes
  • Janet Holmes à Court
  • Christian Lyon and Russell Date


  • Neil Archibald and Alan Dodge
  • Justin and Amanda Mannolini
  • Henry Boston
  • Penelope Eagle
  • Linda and Andy Robb
  • Elizabeth Fong
  • Carole Peters
  • Sally Richardson
  • Dr Andrew Lu OAM and Dr Geoffrey Lancaster AM
  • Turner Galleries
  • Evi Ferrier
  • Amy Barrett-Lennard and Michael Levine
  • Tim Doyle
  • Sign Supermarket
  • St John of God Health Care Art Collection
  • James Brown and Kim Mercer
  • Naomi Button
  • Bevan Honey
  • Liz Terracini
  • Rodney and Penelope Thompson
  • Perth Veterinary Oncology
  • Michael and Jo Malone OAM
  • Yen Lee
  • Marisa D'Orsogna
  • Franklin Gaffney
  • Tim Carter
  • Margaret Moore
  • Neil Fernandes
  • Amy's Friends
  • Anonymous x2
  • Warwick Hemsley
  • Willy and Mimi Packer
  • Hamish Milne and Zoé Lenard
  • Waldemar Kolbusz
  • Dane Etheridge and Brooke Fowles
  • Hilary Macdonald
  • Melvin Yeo
  • Mark Stewart & Ray Haeren
  • Fred and Georgina Nagle

Donor Program

When you donate to PICA, you make a tangible difference to the lives and careers of artists and create memorable experiences for audiences.

Through the many ways to connect with PICA you will:

Learn about contemporary arts with people who share your values
Understand the value of art to the community
Meet living artists and develop new relationships
Gain an understanding of what art means to you
Peel back the white walls of the gallery to reveal what happens behind the scenes
Be enthralled by the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary arts

Fun events throughout the year include:

Exhibition Previews – see the art first
Art Hour – gets you up close and personal with artists and curators,
visits to artist studios, and hands-on experiences
PICA 30 GALA – celebrate our 30th birthday on 20 July

To learn more about how you can support PICA, contact Jo Malone, Development Manager, on philanthropy@pica.org.au or call 08 9228 6300.


  • ART1000

    ART1000 donors nurture the next generation of artists and art lovers and connect to the creative future of Perth

    $100 per month or $46.30 per fortnight
    $1,200 per year

    $1,000 tax-deductible donation to empower artists and audiences
    $200 covers all events & membership

    What difference will a donation to PICA make to your community?

    It will ensure:

    – The talents of Australia’s most promising emerging artists are supported and celebrated in PICA’s Hatched National Graduate Show;

    – Free Education Notes and Guided Tours are provided to schools for each PICA exhibition;

    – Free, fun and accessible All Ages Activities are created for families and the young at heart for each PICA exhibition;

    – PICA delivers Art Access Programs that increase participation for those with differing abilities.

    Donate Now


    Art Ambassadors build arts leadership in Western Australia

    $2,500 per year

    $2,000 tax deductible donation
    $500 for events, tickets & membership

    PICA will provide significant career development opportunities for our local artists and arts professionals:

    – Talented Western Australian artists are supported to present new work at PICA: Artists supported in 2019 include Joshua Pether, Rachel Ogle, Louise Devenish, Curtis Taylor, pvi collective plus the WA artists involved in the exchange with Taiwan.

    – WA artists are supported through PICA’s studio residency and creative development programs with artist fees, free use of a studio or the performance space, and artistic and technical support to help them develop their ideas into potential new art works.

    – KISS club – a showcase of work in development by artists across contemporary performance practices. Teaming up with WA’s live art provocateurs, pvi collective, PICA will provide mentoring, dramaturgical feedback and rehearsal time to five artists up to one week each, before ideas are tested with a live audience in a supportive, critical environment.

    – WA artists and arts workers are exposed to new practices, working methodologies and benchmarks for arts leadership through public engagement programs, such as lectures and floor talks, and extended labs and workshops delivered by PICA’s visiting national and international artists, curators and writers.

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    Director’s Circle donors support ambitious artistic projects

    $5,500 per year

    $5,000 tax-deductible donation
    $500 for events, membership & tickets

    By renewing/becoming a Director’s Circle donor you will ensure that projects of ambition and scale are realised.  In 2019 these include:

    A Call to Dance
    Amrita Hepi (NSW)
    8 – 18 May
    PICA Performance Space and Perth Cultural Centre

    PICA is thrilled to be presenting this celebratory and evocative work from one of Australia’s most exciting young choreographers and cultural leaders.

    Taiwan/WA Exchange Exhibition

    19 October – 22 December
    Ground Floor Galleries
    Curated with Ashley Yihsin Chang
    Presented in association with Taipei Fine Arts Museum

    A selection of WA and Taiwanese artists will be presented in a group exhibition that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Perth and Taipei. It will reflect on one of the key moments in PICA’s 30-year history – the hugely successful Very Fun Park: Contemporary Art from Taiwan exhibition presented at PICA in 2001.

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    Art Commissioners realise artist’s dreams

    $10,000 – 50,000 per year x 3 years

    $500 for events, membership & tickets each year
    – not tax deductible

    As an Art Commissioner, you will make art history by ensuring that the most timely and innovative new work is made.  In 2019 this will include:

    Trying to find comfort in an uncomfortable chair:
    Agatha Gothe-Snape with the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art

    27 July – 6 October
    Ground Floor Galleries
    Curated with Gemma Weston
    Presented in association with The Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art (CCWA)

    Agatha Gothe-Snape has been invited to undertake a period of research and present a site-specific (and time-based) project in response to works held in the Cruthers Collection of Womens Art. The outcomes of the project will be led by the artist’s research at PICA and the Cruthers Collection during a residency at the beginning of 2019.

    歸屬 Gui Shu (Belong)
    Sally Richardson / Steamworks Arts
    11 – 30 November
    PICA Performance Space

    歸屬 Gui Shu (Belong) is a cross-cultural collaboration with leading independent dance and theatre performers, musicians and designers from Taiwan and Australia. From the laneways, malls and teeming streets of Taipei to the rivers, bushscapes, and suburbia of Western Australia, this immersive performance experience creates a series of arresting portraits and vignettes of people and place, reflecting how culture and space shape us.

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    PICA donors recognise that a commitment to art and the cultural vibrancy of the city we live in is fundamental to the health of our community.

    That is why each year they continue to support PICA to invest in local artists, to bring the most extraordinary contemporary artists to Perth audiences and why PICA values their long term and significant support.

    Donors who have given over $10,000 to PICA since the inception of its Donor Program in 2009 are acknowledged as PICA ART PATRONS.

    Long term gifts and pledges make the biggest impact.


    Donate Now


    You can make a pledge fortnightly, monthly or by agreement through a direct deposit at all levels. For example you could be an ART1000 donor for just $46.30 per fortnight or $100 per month.

    You can minimise the impact on your budget and maximise the impact to PICA artists and audiences.



    You can keep PICA free!!

    Every dollar supports PICA. Your donation ensures we can create defining moments for artists, art forms and audiences.

    For everyone, for FREE!!

    You can:
    –  Donate online
    –  Pop cash into the donor box in the foyer
    –  Pay wave your card in the foyer
    – Direct Deposit to PICA
    Westpac   BSB: 036 004        Acct: 187 049

    Any amount over $2 is tax deductible.