Our Current Donors




  • A special thank you to donors who have contributed a total of $10,000 plus in the life of the PICA donor program.
  • Charles Morgan and Caroline De Mori
  • Desi and Marcus Canning
  • Tim Bradsmith
  • Bux Charitable Foundation
  • Ben and Kate Opie
  • Tony Chong
  • Marco D'Orsogna
  • Di and Jeff Hay
  • Griselda Hitchcock
  • Joanne Farrell
  • Matthew Howison
  • William Kentridge
  • Golden Group
  • Fred and Georgina Nagle
  • Véronique Ramén
  • Wesfarmers
  • Zoé Lenard and Hamish Milne
  • Robyn Glindemann


  • Ungar Family Foundation


  • Dr Harold Schenberg
  • Griselda Hitchcock, estate of Shelagh Wakely, artist


  • Golden Group
  • Tony Chong
  • Marco D'Orsogna


  • Véronique Ramén
  • Desi and Marcus Canning
  • Frédéric and Capucine Flipo
  • David Martin
  • Joanne Farrell
  • Camillo Della Maddalena
  • Adrian and Michela Fini


  • Hamish Milne
  • Zoé Lenard
  • Fred and Georgina Nagle
  • Dane Etheridge and Brooke Fowles
  • Ben and Kate Opie
  • Robyn Glindemann
  • Darryl Mack and Helen Taylor
  • Nathan Giles
  • David and Sandy Heldsinger
  • Waldemar Kolbusz
  • Jamie Price and Gillian Gallagher
  • Allan Miles and Steven Shadwell
  • Georgia Malone
  • Melvin Yeo
  • Sandra Barrett-Lennard
  • Anonymous X 1
  • Patti Simpson and Michael Bennett
  • Rob and Lola Wilson
  • Bux Charitable Foundation


  • Amy Stokes
  • Neil Archibald and Alan Dodge
  • Justin and Amanda Mannolini
  • Zelinda Bafile
  • Henry Boston
  • Penelope Eagle
  • Linda and Andy Robb
  • Elizabeth Fong
  • Carole Peters
  • Anarchy PR
  • Geoff Hancy and Yvonne Ellies
  • Dr Andrew Lu OAM and Dr Geoffrey Lancaster AM
  • Turner Galleries
  • Evi Ferrier
  • Amy Barrett-Lennard and MIchael Levine
  • Tim Doyle
  • Sign Supermarket
  • St John of God Health Care Art Collection
  • Robin and Liz Forbes
  • James Brown and Kim Mercer
  • Naomi Button
  • Christian Lyon and Russell Date
  • Liz Terracini
  • Rodney and Penelope Thompson
  • Perth Veterinary Oncology
  • Michael and Jo Malone OAM
  • Linda Savage and Stephen Davis
  • Yen Lee
  • Marisa D'Orsogna
  • Franklin Gaffney
  • Tim Carter
  • Margaret Moore
  • Tos Mahoney
  • Raefe Brown and Belinda Tang
  • Santo Merenda

Take your love of art to the next level

We invite you to explore contemporary art and performance with PICA in radically new ways. Join us at bespoke after hours arts events where you will meet artists and like-minded art lovers.

You can make a significant difference to our cultural landscape. To donate, choose your level of donation below.



  • Be a PICA Performance Partner

    Donate now and support a new era in performance at PICA. Your gift will support the creative development and presentation of new works.

    You can make a difference. Donate now and join PICA in creating defining moments for artists, art forms and audiences.

    Instant philanthropy – Any amount over $5 is tax-deductible.
    ART1000 - $1200
    Art Ambassadors – $2,500
    Directors Circle - $5,500


    Donate Now

  • ART1000

    The iconic ART1000 donor program grows and evolves every year.

    ART1000 donors enjoy:
    – VIP post-show events during PICA performance seasons
    –  exclusive VIP exhibition previews
    – monthly ART HOUR behind the scenes events
    – two tickets to the PICA Salon Vernissage
    – PICA MEMBER benefits

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    This exciting new donor driven initiative connects friends through their collective support of a specific art project. In 2017 Art Ambassadors support: When the Sky Fell: Legacies of the 1967 Referendum, Energies: Haines & Hinterding, Remedial Works.

    – choose a project to benefit from Art Ambassadorial benefaction
    – the opportunity to host specific Art Ambassadors events
    – attending private Art Ambassadors events
    – two tickets to two PICA performances of their choice
    – PICA MEMBER benefits

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    DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE donations will support four major projects in the artistic program. Donors will have the opportunity to spend time with artists and other creatives and enjoy special DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE occasions throughout the year. In 2017 Director’s Circle donors support: Forgiving Night for Day, This Everlasting Light, Aeon. The projects selected each year represent strategic aspects of the PICA program that will benefit significantly from DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE donations.

    The Director’s Circle enjoy:
    – ART1000 and ART AMBASSADORS events
    – exclusive Directors Circle events
    – invitations to private dinners with PICA artists
    – exclusive Director’s invitations to national donor events
    – PICA MEMBER benefits

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    Donors are invited to make a commitment of $10,000 per year over three years to realise ambitious, game-changing projects and programs.

    For more information contact Jo Malone: philanthropy@pica.org.au or 9228 6306

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    In recognition of their long term and significant support, donors who have contributed over $10,000 to PICA since the inception of its Donor Program in 2009 will be acknowledged as PICA ART PATRONS.


    Donors at all levels can make a pledge fortnightly, monthly or by agreement through a direct deposit. For example you could be an ART1000 donor for just $46.30 per fortnight or $100 per month.

    Minimise the impact on your budget and maximise the impact on contemporary art.



    You can make a difference.

    Donate now and join PICA in creating defining moments for artists, art forms and audiences.

    Any amount over $5 is tax deductible.