Upcoming Events

  • PICA Salon Vernissage

    Saturday 31 October 2020


When you donate to PICA you will be invited to attend a range of special events,
including virtual events while we are closed, that will see you:

Learn about contemporary art with people who share your values

Meet living artists and develop new relationships

Peek behind the scenes and gain an understanding of the art world

Be enthralled by the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary arts

One of the highlights of the PICA donor event calendar is the PICA Salon Vernissage,
a glamorous evening of art, food, wine and PICA-style entertainment.
A specially curated selection of artworks for sale awaits beginners and art aficionados alike.

All donors ART1000+ are invited to PICA Salon Vernissage.

Something to look forward to when we open our doors again!

Donate now to secure your tickets.

Contact PICA’s Philanthrophy Manager for more information about how to become a PICA donor.