Aiden Broderick

Artist In Residence | 15 January - 8 April

When we consider natural events of the last decade, such as global warming and cyclones, many can be directly traced back to the actions of humans and their effect on the environment. In this time we have witnessed some of the greatest innovations in technology and yet we still are at a loss to deal with the moral implications of our impact on this planet. Aidan’s studio project focuses on ways to digest and even celebrate these impending disasters by creating performance objects; objects and photographs that can link us to these events through their visual meanings. Research for the project is drawn from tribal solutions (ie, rain dance, totems, etc) and creating contemporary translations to ward off impending disasters.

  • Artist
  • Aiden Broderick
  • Location

    Studio Two

  • Dates

    15 January – 8 April, 2007

  • Studio Open Day

    Sunday 18 February, 2007
    10am – 6pm

  • Studio Open to the Public

    29 March – 8 April, 2007