Australian Gothic: Video Art Now

12 June - 3 August

Well before Australia was charted it was ‘imagined as a grotesque space peopled by monsters’. Early settlers found their new land eerie, disorientingly unfamiliar and hostile – a response which became ingrained in our national consciousness, literature and cinema. Tapping into these ‘gothic’ traditions and unsettling imaginings the fourteen artists featured inAustralian Gothic: Video Art Now revel in the dark, creepy and sometimes perversely seductive zones of our collective imagination where menace lurks and nothing is a quite as it seems.

  • Curator
    Dr Shaun Wilson

    Alex Avzoglou (VIC), Marsha Berry (VIC), John A Douglas (VIC), Robert Hecimovic (NSW), Larissa Hjorth (VIC), Tammy Honey (VIC), Sam Keene (VIC), Brendan Le (VIC), David McDowell (VIC), Aaron McLoughlin (VIC), Krystal Shultheiss (VIC), Brie Trenerry (VIC), Shaun Wilson (VIC), Marco Kin Ming Wong (VIC)

  • Location

    PICA Screen Space

  • Dates

    12 June – 3 August, 2008

  • Opening

    Wednesday 11 June, 2008