AWESOME Festival: The Washing Powder Conspiracy

PIPS:lab | 21 - 27 November

As part of the 2011 AWESOME Festival for Bright Young Things, The Washing Powder Conspiracy is a multimedia music and theatre concert for ages 8 and up.

Creating live music from flat irons, old washing machines and laundry baskets, the group leads the audience through a series of absurd scenes, while flirting with issues of democracy, capitalism and commercialisation. The Washing Powder Conspiracy is a well-stirred melting pot of music, technology and drama.

For the last ten years, PIPS:lab has been producing inventive and expressive multimedia performances. The group is widely recognised as one of the most exciting new media collectives in the world, bringing together cutting-edge music, video and live performance.

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  • Produced by

  • Location

    PICA Performance Space

  • Dates & Times

    21 – 27 November, 2011

  • Times

    21 Nov – 10.15am
    24 Nov – 10.15am
    25 Nov – 12.45pm
    26 Nov – 3.30pm & 8pm (outdoors)
    27 Nov – 3.30pm

  • Tickets

    All tickets $15