Lynette Wallworth | 21 Feb - 16 April

A virtual journey to sacred land.

Martu elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan’s first contact with Western culture came in the 1950s when he witnessed a secret atomic bomb testing.

Now with the advance of virtual reality technology you will be transported back to his desert community in the Pilbara with Morgan as your guide.

Collisions is a short, personal film experience like no other. Lynette Wallworth’s pioneering work offers us the true potential of technology, to transport us to a different time and place. With Morgan we experience the dramatic collision between his traditional world view and the cutting edge of science at this confounding, profoundly emotional moment of unfathomable destruction.

  • Presented by
    Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts and
    Perth International Arts Festival

    Creative Team
    Director: Lynette Wallworth
    Featuring: Nyarri Nyarri Morgan, Curtis Taylor
    Narration/ Storytelling: Lynette Wallworth, Curtis Taylor
    Executive Producers: Diana Barrett, Sandy Herz, Gigi Pritzker, Cori Shepherd Stern
    Producers: Nicole Newnham, Lynette Wallworth
    Director of Photography: Patrick Meegan
    Editor: Karryn de Cinque
    Virtual reality Production Partner: Jaunt VR
    Jaunt VR Producer & VFX Supervisor: Patrick Meegan
    Associate Producers: Nola Taylor, Gabrielle Sullivan
    Line Producer: Belinda Mravicic
    Sound Recordist: Liam Egan
    Sound Design: Tom Myers, Skywalker Sound
    Visual Effects: WhiskeyTree, Jossie Malis, Alex Cherney
    Post Production Producer: Grace Raso
    Colour Grade: MPC / Technicolor

  • Location

    PICA’s West End Gallery

  • Dates & Times

    21 February – 16 April, 2017
    Tue – Sun | 10am-5pm

    Sessions run every 30 minutes.
    While this unique VR experience is FREE bookings are required.

  • Please Note

    This film is a virtual reality (VR) experience.
    Headphones are supplied and will need to be worn throughout this film.

  • How to see Collisions

    FREE EVENT – Please visit reception when you arrive to secure your spot in the next viewing session.
    Bookings required for groups of 10+ and can be made at or 9228 6300

  • Age Recommendations

    Not for use by children under 13. Watching videos or playing games with the Gear VR may affect the visual development of children. When children, age 13 or older, use the Gear VR, adults should limit their usage time and ensure they take frequent breaks. Adults should monitor children closely after using the Gear VR if children feel discomfort.