Curator’s Tour with Glenn Iseger-Pilkington

Sunday 18 April | 2pm – 3pm

Join Guest Curator Glenn Iseger-Pilkington on a walk through nyinalanginy​ / the gathering, a major group exhibition bringing together the voices of First Nations artists from Australia, Māori artists from Aotearoa New Zealand, and Australian South Sea Islander artists.

For First Peoples, the act of coming together is integral to individual and collective selfhood. In gathering, the very fabric of identity is formed, our place in the world is determined and decisions around our futures are forged. Recent times have reminded us of how important contact with each other is to our wellbeing while asking us to rethink the ways that we gather and share time and space.

Showcasing existing and newly commissioned work from artists Jasmine Togo-Brisby, Dean Cross, Sharyn Egan, Peggy Griffiths Madij, Yabini Kickett, Bridget Reweti, Damien Shen, and James Tylor, the gathering invites us to reconsider histories, our new realities and our shared humanity, at a time when the world is united in so many ways, but increasingly divided in others.

  • Date & Time

    Sunday 18 April,
    2pm – 3pm

  • Location

    PICA Galleries

  • Cost

    FREE but please note that due to current restrictions PICA has a limited capacity.


  • COVID-19 Safety Policies

    PICA has a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan in place, which oversees our daily operations and has allowed us to confidently resume in-house programming, including live performance. Also, PICA has adopted the SafeWA app as part of our contact registration procedures and we encourage all of our guests to do the same so we can monitor attendance as required by the WA Government.

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