Derek Kreckler

Accident & Process | 29 August - 18 October

Derek Kreckler: Accident & Process is the first survey exhibition of one of Australia’s most rigorous conceptual artists. It brings together photography, video, installation, sound and performance works drawn from the artist’s early experimental practice of the 1970s through to his more recent focus on still and moving imagery in the 21st century.

The exhibition considers the relationship between culture and the environment, focusing on representations of landscape, national identity and the role of chance in determining these. In focusing on these themes, Accident & Process addresses notions that are of enduring importance to the artist, central to the evolution of Australia’s cultural history and which demonstrate Kreckler’s desire to explore, extrapolate and test our understanding of our physical, cultural and social surrounds.

This exhibition will tour throughout Australia in 2016 and 2017.

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  • Artist
  • Derek Kreckler
  • Curated By
    Hannah Mathews

  • Location

    Central Galleries

  • Opening Night

    Friday 28 August
    6pm – 8pm

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    Or by calling +61 8 9228 6300

  • Exhibition Continues

    29 August – 18 October