STRUT Dance | 5 - 8 November

Osaka – Melbourne – Perth Dance to inspire… to challenge… to provoke Dyuetto offers a glimpse into the astonishing diversity of current dance styles. This unconventional triple bill brings together performers from The Dancebox in Osaka, Japan; Dancehouse in Melbourne and STRUT dance in Perth. Presented as part of the ‘Silver Anniversary’ Artrage Festival, these three works will intrigue, entice and confront you. Perth dance artists Rachel Ogle and Sete Tele present N_TN_GLD – a highly-physical work of emotional intensity. In complete contrast is What follows the act – a sublime journey into simplicity from Japanese duo Selenographica. Finally, Melbourne provocateur Luke George gives us Lifesize – a raw, sensual look at our relationship with our own physicality.
Part 1 N_TN_GLD – Sete Tele and Rachel Ogle What follows the act – Maho Sumiji and Shuichi Abiru (Selenographica)
Part 2 Lifesize – Luke George and Kristy Ayre

  • Performed by
    STRUT Dance

  • Location

    PICA Performance Space

  • Dates & Times

    Preview: 5 November, 8pm
    Continues: 6-8 November, 8pm

  • Tickets

    Full program: $28 Full or $22 Concession
    1st or 2nd part: $20 Full or $15 Concession
    Preview: $22 Full or $15 (part 1 or 2)