Hatched 2010

National Graduate Show | 17 April - 13 June

Hatched is Australia’s most significant survey of emerging artists.

Heading into its 19th year, this landmark exhibition continues to provide an unparalleled opportunity for talented art school graduates to present their work in a professional gallery context alongside that of their national peers. It offers an all-important stepping-stone from the realm of education to the beginnings of a professional career as an artist.

This year 39 artists from 20 art schools across the country were selected to grace the vast galleries of PICA. Bear witness to these contemporary pioneers as they head into new artistic territory with their extreme mix of expanded drawing and painting practices, soft architecture and aural environments – amongst other eye, mind and ear-bending aesthetic experiments!

Hatched expands further in 2010 with the launch of the Doctor Harold Schenberg Art Prize, an annual award of $20,000 that will be presented to one Hatched artist each year. The Prize has been set up to allow an outstanding art school graduate to invest in the development of their practice through travel, research or production support.

Recipient of the 2010 Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize: Andrew Varano

  • Artists
    Jemima Aitchison, Danielle Bluff, Melanie Boreham, Alexandra Byrne, Ludwig El Haddad, Maggie Brown, Christo Crocker, Katie Collins, Claire Cutler, Daniel Edwards, Shellaine Godbold, Heike Qualitz, Netty Gibson, Julia Gove, Jenny Tubby, Joanne Green, Amber Harries, Kiki Hunwick, Marton Koblo, Kathryn Haug, Tom Penney, Andrew Varano (Recipient of the 2010 Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize), Dermod Kavanaugh, Darius Kowal, Robyn Laycock, Caris Lockhart, Elizabeth Pedler, Jessie Lumb, Lauren Playfair, Jessica Mackney, Susan Nelson, Liam O’Brien, Kat Sawyer, Astra Parker, Mark Richards, Jessica Schroeter, Lalanya Smith, Layla Vardo, Lyn Wood.

  • Location

    All PICA Galleries

  • Exhibition Opens

    Friday 16 April, 2010
    6PM – 9PM

  • Exhibition Continues

    17 April – 13 June, 2010