Hatched National Graduate Show 2011

16 April - 5 June

Hatched has been the launching pad for the professional careers of many of the country’s most successful contemporary artists. The exhibition, now in its 20th year, has been exclusively presented by PICA since 1992. It is a landmark occasion for both Hatched and PICA and firmly places the event as one of the most significant fixtures on Perth’s cultural calendar.

The show always offers a broad array of mediums and new approaches to contemporary art practice. This year is no exception. 35 artists from 20 of the country’s most prestigious art institutions have embraced diverse art forms, such as painting, collage, photography, ceramics, printmaking, textiles, performance, video, sound art and mechanical engineered installations to express their social concerns. The show sees an ambitious group of artists keen to critique the conditions of our time, unpacking issues such as ethics, consumerism, depression and body image.

Every available space within PICA’s vast building is dedicated to the show. Public and educational programs will be held throughout the exhibition period so that audiences can engage with the artists and their ideas.

The Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize, this year valued at $35,000, was awarded to one outstanding Hatched artist. This new award combined with the show’s reputation for showcasing the work of the country’s best art school graduates has led to Hatched quickly gaining recognition as Australia’s premier art exhibition for emerging artists. The winner of the art prize was announced to be Chloe Hughes from the University of NSW at the opening on 15 April 2011.

Chloe Hughes is a Sydney-based photographer and video artist. Her practice is preoccupied with various structural determinants within social life and art that both contour and enable human action and behaviour. Her work incorporates aesthetic interventions contrary to the usual ways in which the findings of the social sciences are presented and the way in which conventional documentaries are composed. Her 17 minute high definition video Structures to move to (conversations on work), 2010 was judged to be a stand out in the collection of works by 35 different graduate artists. It is an introspective piece, exploring the way 3 different people interpret the work they do and what it means to their lives.

The exhibition opened on Friday 15 April 2011.
Exhibition Dates: 16 April to 5 June 2011.

Going Places: Live Performance
See Stephen Genovese’s live performance featuring battery-operated shoes every Saturday at 1:30pm in the Westend Gallery.
These free 15-minute performances continue until June 4.

  • Adelaide Central School of Art (ACSA)
    Chris Thiel

    Australian National University (ANU)
    Amy McGregor, Kate Vassallo

    Charles Darwin University (CDU)
    Daniela Imelda Eugster

    Central Institute of Technology (CT)
    Stephen Genovese, Rebecca Louise Orchard

    Curtin University of Technology (CUT)
    Jacob Ogden Smith

    Edith Cowan University (ECU)
    Bruce Reid, Rohan Sibon

    Griffith University (GU)
    Caitlin Halsall, Ryan Presley

    Monash University (MU)
    Johan Oevergaard

    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
    Emi Fukuda, Lizzie Pogson, Brooke Waldvogel

    Southern Cross University (SCU)
    Jonathon Rodger Liddell, Tiffany Sassafrass, Thomas James Savins

    TAFE South Australia (TSA)
    Courtney Elyse Prettejohn

    The University of Newcastle (UNew)
    Ruth Feeney

    The University of New South Wales (UNSW)
    Chloe Hughes – 2011 Winner of The Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize
    Amy Thornett

    University of Ballarat (UoB)
    Kenneth Kronberger

    The University of Melbourne (UoM)
    Inez de Vega, Jasmine Fisher, William Heathcote

    University of Sydney (UoS)
    Adam Adelpour, Violette Stehli

    University of Tasmania (UoT)
    Darren Cook, Claire Krouzecky

    University of Wollongong (UoW)
    Boni Cairncross, Teagan Hunter

    University of South Australia (USA)
    Jaynie Langford

    University of Western Australia (UWA)
    Michal Wojtowicz, Andrew Wood

  • Location

    All PICA Spaces

  • Dates

    16 April – 5 June, 2011