Hijacked III Guided Tour

Saturday 18 February | 3PM

Join Hijacked III curators Leigh Robb and Mark McPherson as they give a free guided tour of this survey of contemporary photography from Australia and the UK. A selection of Hijacked III artists will also share special insight into their works.

As part of the Perth International Arts Festival 2012.

Take a trip into the fantastic and foreboding worlds of artists from opposite sides of the globe. From society at its best and worst, Hijacked III: Contemporary Photography from Australia and the UK presents far reaching photographic practices which question what it means to look, catch or construct images for the 21st century.

Curated by Louise Clements, Mark McPherson and Leigh Robb, Hijacked III is being presented simultaneously across two sites: PICA in Perth, WA, and QUAD Gallery in Derby in the UK and has been timed to coincide with the launch of the exquisiteHijacked III publication.

The artists in Hijacked III explore subjects as diverse as suburban melancholy, Indigenous culture, gender politics, and curious weekend leisure pursuits through portraiture, traditional and digital collage, archival images, documentary snap shots and internet grabs.

The Hijacked III creates a framework that invites deconstruction and reflection on contemporary photography. It showcases the socially, culturally, politically and aesthetically diverse practices from a wide selection of emerging and established photographers who work within and outside the contexts of the two countries.

  • Curators
    Louise Clements, Mark McPherson & Leigh Robb

    Tony Albert, Warwick Baker, Broomberg & Charnarin, Natasha Caruana, Bindi Cole, Maciej Dakowicz, Christoper Day, Melinda Gibson, Toni Greaves, Petrina Hicks, Alin Huma, Seba Kurtis, David Manley, Tracey Moffatt, Trish Morrissey, Laura Pannack, Sarah Pickering, Zhao Renhui, Simon Roberts, Helen Sear, Justin Spiers, Luke Stephenson, Christian Thompson, Tereza Zelenkova, Michael Ziebarth.

  • Location

    PICA Galleries

  • Date & Time

    Saturday 18 February, 2012

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