Hooray for Ben Target

SUMMER NIGHTS | 23 - 27 January


Octogenarians and imaginary cake.

Bring your children, grandparents, neighbours, school friends, brothers and sisters to Hooray for Ben Target!

A daily celebration of play oozing with deeply silly visual comedy, warm hearted stories and imaginary cake.

  • Artist
  • Ben Target (UK)
  • “Ben Target conducts one of the loveliest comedy shows I’ve ever been part of; his rare, gentle mind seemingly peculiarly open to the comic possibilities of the universe”

    “Impressively funny” – SCOTSMAN

  • “Ben Target is a breath of fresh, daft air” – LIST

  • “He is one of very few young comics who manage to do something new with the art form while keeping an audience thoroughly entertained”

    “This highly physical performer is a true original and a legend in the making”


  • “This is the sort of mad experience – ‘show’ doesn’t seem to be quite the right word – that ought to be part of everyone’s Fringe” **** – CHORTLE

  • “He always has a funny retort to hand from a seemingly infinite cache of jokes”

    “The maestro must have an infectious energy, the charisma of a cult leader” ****

    – FEST

  • “He obviously has a wild imagination and a wicked sense of humour and timing” – FRINGE REVIEW

  • “What a gem Target is… probably the most original, most over-wrought and most audacious to be seen at the Fringe” ***** – BROADWAY BABY

  • Location

    PICA Performance Space

  • Dates & Times

    23 January, 5.30pm
    24 – 25 & 27 January, 6.30pm

  • Duration

    55 min

  • Tickets

    $20 – $25