Liquid Architecture – Perth

6 October, 2014

Presented by Tura New Music and PICA.

Now in its 15th year, Liquid Architecture’s 2014 festival program brings together work from across a range of disciplines to audiences in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore.

In Perth, Alessandro Bosetti will perform Mask Mirror in PICA’s Main Gallery Space, a piece which sits in the slippage between information and pure sound in speech. Examining the point at which language becomes music, and at which music becomes a language Bosetti uses a synthesiser to manipulate spoken word samples from field research, interviews, conversations and soliloquies, developing elaborate abstract live compositions.

Makiko Yamamoto vocally performs Utterly Silent, Utter Silence, Utterly Something, or Utter Something, Thinking Thinking, Utterly Listening, Utterly Ummm, to query language and the voice, especially the struggle to speak, hear and understand foreign tongues.

Id M Theft Able (AKA Skot Spear) performs Blood, Blood, Jars of Blood, a deeply singular experimental music performance primarily using vocals (grunts, screams, tongue-clicks, gurgling, chanting) in combination with sounds summoned from a range of amplified and unamplified objects, bent circuits, homebuilt keyboards and modified tape machines.

  • Artists
  • Id M Theft Able (AKA Skot Spear)
  • Makiko Yamamoto
  • Alessandro Bosetti
  • Liquid Architecture is curated by Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela.

  • Location

    Central Gallery

  • Date & Time

    Monday 6 October, 7pm (Doors open at 6pm)

  • Tickets

    Standard $20
    Concession & Members: $15

    NB: This event was incorrectly listed as free in the SEP – NOV PICA Guide, it is in fact a ticketed event. Apologies for any confusion.