Making Time

Makeshift | 17 - 21 November

Remember the days of home made jam and pickles? Do these traditions stand for more than they appear? Is it important to ‘preserve’ such techniques for communities with a future?

Interdisciplinary art collective Makeshift invites you to participate in a food laboratory with a difference. Tessa & Karl are hosting a series of ‘how to’ workshops to bottle, preserve and pickle a variety of native or backyard surplus foods. In exchange for your recipes, preservation know-how and surplus produce, the artists will offer introductory micro-seminars on selected ideas behind their practice.

The project seeks to generate agency in relation to food security and non-institutional learning, investigating how food preservation techniques may be themselves preserved and deployed in an impending age of unsettlement and urban adaptation.

  • Makeshift is
    Tessa Zettle and Karl Khoe (NSW)

  • Location

    Westend Gallery

  • Residency

    18 – 21 November, 2010
    11AM-6PM daily

  • Workshop Dates

    visit or call 0411 873 322 to make an appointment