PICA Salon 2012

22 July - 12 August

The PICA Salon is a prestigious annual exhibition and the flagship event for ART1000, PICA’s award-winning donor program. Featuring an invited selection of highly sought after works by local, national and international contemporary artists, the PICA Salon celebrates PICA’s esteemed history by showcasing works by those that have exhibited over the past twenty-one years.

Reflecting PICA’s role in supporting artists engaged in diverse practices, rigorous approaches to artmaking and experimental ideas at all stages of their careers, the PICA Salon 2012 will feature a dynamic array of art forms from painting, drawing, sculpture and photography to performance, video, installation and bio-art.

With all art works for sale and all sale proceeds going directly back to the artists the PICA Salon not only is the perfect opportunity to build or start your collection it also helps artists, from emerging to established, to continue to develop their practices.

The Vernissage, the invitational opening night for PICA’s ART1000 donors, is a must for those wishing to acquire a prize artwork, build their contemporary art knowledge, meet artists and other like-minded people and share in an event that is firmly developing a reputation for being one of Perth’s most sophisticated evenings.

  • Participating Artists
    Brook Andrew, Brian Blanchflower, Paul Caporn, Susanna Castleden, Olga Cironis, Thea Costantino, Benjamin Forster, Tom Freeman, John Gerrard, Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont, Claire Healy & Sean Cordiero, Petrina Hicks, Richard Lewer, Gabriella Mangano & Silvana Mangano, Brian McKay, Patrick Miller, Tony Nathan, Conor O’Brien, Clare Peake, Simon Perecich, Sarah Pickering, Ryan Presley, Thomas Rentmeister, David Rosetzky, Tanya Schultz, Helen Smith, Alex Spremberg, SymbioticA, Jon Tarry, The Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, Michele Theunissen, Christian Thompson, Ignacio Uriarte, Andrew Varano and Jurek Wybraniec.

  • Location

    Westend Gallery

  • Dates

    22 July – 12 August, 2012

  • Salon Vernissage

    Saturday 21 July, 7PM – 10PM