PICA Salon Vernissage 2012

Saturday 21 July

A dazzling evening of art, fashion, music and performance hosted by Narelda Jacobs, Ten News Presenter

The PICA Salon Vernissage is the invitational opening night reserved for PICA’s ART1000 donors. Recalling the grandeur of the original 17th century French Salons, this event is a must for followers of contemporary art and those seeking insight into this exciting world. Featuring artworks for sale, it is the chance to acquire a prize work while also meeting the artists and other like-minded members of the arts, media and business communities.

In 2012, PICA is offering a contemporary interpretation of the Salon, transforming its Westend Gallery into a futuristic vision. With special styling wisdom from leaders in fashion, Dilettante, interior design gurus Empire Highgate, culinary geniuses Heyder & Shears, as well as live music and a special pop-up performance, the 2012 Salon Vernissage is certain to be a night to remember!

A select number of works will be offered for sale by Silent Auction. These works have been chosen by PICA for their exceptional quality and collectability. Two of these are new works that have been made especially by the artists for this year’s PICA Salon.

  • Artworks for sale by:
    Brook Andrew, Brian Blanchflower, Paul Caporn, Susanna Castleden, Olga Cironis, Thea Costantino, Benjamin Forster, Tom Freeman, John Gerrard, Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont, Claire Healy & Sean Cordiero, Petrina Hicks, Richard Lewer, Gabriella Mangano & Silvana Mangano, Brian McKay, Patrick Miller, Tony Nathan, Conor O’Brien, Clare Peake, Simon Perecich, Sarah Pickering, Ryan Presley, Thomas Rentmeister, David Rosetzky, Tanya Schultz, Helen Smith, Alex Spremberg, SymbioticA, Jon Tarry, The Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, Michele Theunissen, Christian Thompson, Ignacio Uriarte, Andrew Varano and Jurek Wybraniec.

  • Location

    PICA Westend Gallery

  • Date

    Saturday 21 July, 2012

  • How To Attend

    Tickets to the PICA Salon Vernissage are strictly limited to ART1000 Donors. A donation of $1000, or more, will secure a place for you and a guest at the Salon Vernissage. All donations will be invested the development of compelling new dance, theatre, visual arts and inter-disciplinary works by some of WA’s most talented and thought-provoking artists.

    Donate now online or by phone on (08) 9228 6300. Tax deductibility applies.

    For all enquiries please contact Jo Malone – philanthropy@pica.org.au