RECKLESS ACTS | Fantasy Light Yoga

Deep Soulful Sweats | 20-21 January

Lose yourself in dark yogic disco in PICA’s Central Galleries.

Natalie Abbott (fire), Sarah Aiken (air), Rebecca Jensen (water) and Angela Goh (earth) are Deep Soulful Sweats. A little bit deep house, a little bit stompy, a little bit Jane Fonda, a lot of whacky weird; Fantasy Light Yoga is an energetic ritual/yoga/dance/party where everyone is a participant and there are no spectators. Live local DJ’s accompany the evening with driving beats to inspire the party vibes. Come with us and exorcise through exercise!

Deep Soulful Sweats was founded on the 2013 winter solstice. Since then it has been through many reincarnations including several Fantasy Light Yoga editions at Chunky Move, The Pulse Rejuvenation Module Festival of Live Art Dance Party Arts House, Peaks Of Phantasm at Northcote Town Hall Next Wave festival, Dark MOFO Hobart and You Gotta Werk (Shopp) Dancehouse, Galaxy Stomp Theatre Republic, Brisbane Festival.

Note: This is a participatory event, there are no spectators. Wear something stretchy and comfortable with runners or bare feet. Elemental colour palate is encouraged (see below) Prepare to get sweaty (in the best possible way) and consider bringing a change of clothes or a towel and a water bottle. Any personal items can be cloaked.

Get to know your element:

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces = Water

Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo = Earth

Aquarius, Gemini, Libra = Air

Leo, Aries, Sagittarius = Fire

  • Performers
    Natalie Abbott, Sarah Aiken, Angela Goh, Rebecca Jensen

    Natalie Abbott

    Rebecca Jensen, Sarah Aiken





  • Date & Time

    Friday, 20 Jan – 6:30pm + 9:30pm
    Saturday, 21 Jan – 6.30pm + 9.30pm

  • Location

    PICA Central Gallery

  • Suitable for

    Ages 15+

  • Content Warning

    Contains mild nudity, coarse language and sexual references.

    Additional content details: Smoke machine, loud music and mild strobe lighting

  • Tickets

    Book online now via or in person at FRINGE WORLD outlets and one hour before the show at the PICA Box Office.

    Tickets from $29

  • Duration