Remedial Works

11 November - 24 December

Remedial Works is an exhibition that groups an international set of artists working together to understand the novel and specific materials of contemporary global societies, and how these materials and their embedded meanings can affect human bodies and relationships. Human bodies are now placed within a unique environment of surfaces and substances – from rare earth metals and the ingredients of modern food science to pheromones, hormones, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – equally palliative and poisonous and all connected to capital.

Recognising the maxim ‘the dose makes the poison’, Remedial Works looks at the fine line between a material’s capacity to repair or pollute both bodies and land. While recognising that most of us are situated within the systems of industrial production and consumption, Remedial Works asks, in light of this, what role can art making perform towards remediation and healing?

  • Curated by
    Andrew Varano

    Sophie Cassar
    Clare Milledge
    Pakui Hardware
    Shana Moulton
    Jess Tan
    Anicka Yi

  • Location

    PICA Westend Gallery

  • Exhibition continues

    11 November – 24 December, 2017

  • Cost

    FREE Entry