Seeking basic needs and other tales of excess | Renée Newman (WA)

Creative Development | November – December 2017

Seeking basic needs and other tales of excess is a new work in development by Renée Newman exploring the form of the audio tour. Borrowing from Francis Alÿs’s notion that “walking, in particular drifting, or strolling, is already – with the speed culture of our time – a kind of resistance…a very immediate method for unfolding stories”, the work invites participants to take a pathway across Northbridge with a headphone/audio device.

The soundscape is an amalgam of stories of migration, patterns of human behaviour, notions of need and the simple act of walking as a moment of transgression. Uneasy with our contemporary habit of conflating ‘need’ and ‘want’, the work captures the stark simplicity of the everyday and asks how the notion of hope might be reappropriated and reanimated.

Creative development dates:
13 – 19 November 2017
18 – 22 December 2017