Replanted: small songs unearthed by weeding

6 July - 6 August

Mechanical squid, a multi-screen poem for the bike ride home, an ode to farm animals and flight-paths, a forest and some dancing within the mossy crook of a branch, watchful gardens that lick and squirm. Re-planted explores the possible worlds beneath our feet, in our backyards and all the way to the bus-stop. Five artists from across the globe re-plant their immediate environments with songs for the everyday.

  • Artists
    Jakub Dvorksy (CZE), Lycette Bros (Aus), 1st Ave Machine (USA), Fredo Viola (USA), Marek Brandt (GER)

    Curated by
    Kirsten Bradley

  • Location

    Screen Space

  • Dates

    6 July – 6 August, 2006