26 June - 25 August

Nine of Western Australia’s most interesting emerging artists have radically engaged with issues of peer influence and authorship through a unique methodology over seven months. Exhibition curator Sarah Rowbottam invited the artists to make new artworks over four demanding six week cycles, whereby each artist handed over a work to another artist in the group who in-turn made a new piece in response.

The results of this generative project of visual chinese whispers are 29 individual yet related artworks ranging from interactive swinging structures and perpetual motion machines, to beautifully filmed videos, photographs and full-room installations.

The exhibition is accompanied by a groundbreaking 192 page publication edited by Matthew Giles with contributions by eight local writers.

  • Artists
  • Neil Aldum
  • Rebecca Baumann
  • Tim Carter
  • Elise/Jurgen
  • Shannon Lyons
  • Bennett Miller
  • Sarah Rowbottam
  • George Egerton-Warburton
  • Location

    Central Galleries

  • Opening Night

    Friday 25 June, 2010

  • Exhibition Continues

    26 June – 25 August, 2010

  • Rounds After Hours

    Tuesday 13 July, 6PM

  • Rounds Publication Launch

    Friday 13 August, 6PM