Sonic iMpro Concert

MoveMe Improvisation Festival | 29 November, 2014

Presented by STRUT Dance in association with MoveMe, TURA New Music and PICA

A melding of styles and clashing of colours will create unique sonic moments on the last night of the festival. Close your eyes and open your ears for this one, as improvising musicians from across the festival come together for a special one-off performance.

  • Artists

    Rachael Dease (voice/ electronics)
    Tristen Parr (cello/ electronics)
    Louise Devenish (percussion)
    Hansueli Tischhauser (electric/ acoustic guitar)
    Madeleine Flynn (piano/ electronics/ brass)
    Tim Humphrey (piano/ electronics/ brass)

  • Location

    PICA Performance Space

  • Date & Time

    Saturday 29 November, 6:30pm

  • Duration

    60 min

  • Tickets

    Adults: $30
    Members & Concessions: $25