The Secret Garden Interactive Education Tours

Tuesday 23 February - Friday 8 April

Spark_Lab provides students and teachers with the opportunity to engage in interactive education tours of PICA’s latest exhibitions.

Tours of The Secret Garden will give students the chance to explore the surreal and ultra-sensory worlds of Swedish artists Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg. This exhibition immerses gallery visitors into the mysterious worlds of feverish dreams, psychedelic sunsets and expanding universes through a dazzling mix of sculpture, light, sound and film.




  • Dates & Times
    23 February – 8 April

    30 mins – 1 hour

    PICA’s Central & West End Galleries


  • Cost


  • Suitable for

    Secondary and tertiary students

  • Bookings

    To book contact or 9228 6316

  • Some works in this exhibition contain adult themes and may not be suitable for children. These are contained within a separate clearly signposted gallery. On your arrival please ask PICA staff for more information.