We Will Build Our Own Mountain

Jen Jamieson & Mish Grigor | 6 November

We Will Build Our Own Mountain

Two women stand impassively on a large mountain of ice as it slowly melts beneath them … BRINKMANSHIP will build a mountain out of ice blocks in the centre of Perth. Once they have built their mountain, they will climb it, and wait. They invite you to wait with them for the ice to melt.

We Will Build Our Own Mountain plays with the nation-building stories that set man against nature in order to find a new future. In the tradition of long-gone heroes and great expeditions, BRINKMANSHIP are calling for heroes to help us further understand how we can exist in the world today, in how we can tackle the ‘new frontiers’ of fast environmental change. The project asks: what do these new frontiers demand from us? Who are the heroes of this new frontier? Could they be us? What are we going to do, if the world is ending? And can anyone save us?

In their ongoing search for heroes, BRINKMANSHIP has learned that they are mostly found in rugged terrain, on un-scaled mountains, or deep in the jungle. However, they don’t have time to get to those places at the moment, so they have decided to build their own unchartered landscape, in the hope that some heroes will come to them.

BRINKMANSHIP are interested in heroes, heroism, and heroic acts, and in using one of these to examine another. They set out to change the world, one square metre at a time.

  • Artists
  • Jen Jamieson
  • Mish Grigor
  • Skip a shower for Jen and Mish!
    In exchange for the ice needed to create We Will Build Our Own Mountain, BRINKMANSHIP has developed a ‘water offset’ program. They are enlisting the support of participants, who agree to skip a shower/s.

    The mountain contains the equivalent water of forty average Australian showers. The artists will skip a shower per week until the mountain is offset.

    How you can help:
    Register to skip a shower or even several showers in aid of the work. The date of the skipped shower will be logged, and you will credited as a contributor to the mountain project.

    Please email your name, the date that you intend to skip a shower, and a sentence about what you will do that day to: jen.jamieson@yahoo.com

    Your participation is greatly appreciated!

  • Location

    Perth Cultural Centre, Centre Space

  • Date & Time

    Saturday 6 November, 2010
    10AM onwards

  • Duration

    As long as it takes to melt a mountain of ice!