WILD WILD LOVE (Working Title)

A Co-Production by Side Pony Productions & The Last Great Hunt

Deep in the wilderness, Catherine and Wilson’s honeymoon hunting trip descends into a brutal tussle for power, love and identity as they hunt for a truly wicked beast. It’s a fierce ride that will pull at your heart; a desperate and dirty fight for power deep in the dark woods.

Side Pony Productions has joined forces with The Last Great Hunt and Sydney’s Erth Visual & Physical to create a bold new work chock full of bad wigs and terrifying beasts. The team will undertake a creative development in late 2016 and premiere the new show in May 2017.

  • Credits

    Wild Wild Love is a Co-Production by Side Pony Productions & The Last Great Hunt

    Devised by Zoe Pepper, Adriane Daff & Tim Watts