ART5000 Program PICA is revered for the crucial role it plays in supporting artists to present new bodies of work.Through resources, funds and critical nurturing, we afford artists the all too rare chance to develop work for presentation at a highly visible national and international platform. For artists, their experience with PICA amounts to a tangible step towards advancing the longevity and relevance of their artistic careers.
Join with us to achieve:
Career defining moments for artists;
Life-changing experiences for audiences; and
Critical turning points in the advancement of art forms.
As an ART5000 donor you will ensure more opportunities are presented to artists working across a range of art forms to:
Be ambitious
Be seen and applauded locally, and
Be recognised nationally and internationally.
What it means to be an ART5000 Donor As an ART 5000 Donor you will be an intimate member of the PICA family and given opportunities to develop close relationships with the artists and ideas you have supported.You will be invited to celebrate and share in the success of the outcomes you have helped to achieve at opening night events, private tours, intimate dinners and special behind-the-scenes events with artists in the lead up to their work being presented.You will also be invited to all ART1000 events including the very glamorous PICA Salon Vernissage, which this year is being held on Saturday 4 July. It is a highlight of PICA’s award winning donor program and a rare chance to purchase highly collectible works by local, national and international artists. As part of our commitment to supporting artists, the proceeds from all PICA Salon artwork sales go directly to the artists.Your generosity will also be recognised in the PICA Annual Report, on the PICA Donor Screen, in the catalogues and programs of supported projects and as a tax-deductible gift.

Most importantly, however, is the knowledge that your support has been crucial to the creation and presentation of important new works of art.

Start the conversation and contact PICA’s Development Manager Jo Malone on
9228 6306 or for more information.

Become a PICA Donor and support the arts
through these difficult times

To help keep the community safe and healthy during this time of COVID concerns, we closed the PICA galleries in late March and suspended our performance and studio residency programs.

PICA’s priority during this challenging time has been to continue to support the artists we were working with to deliver this year’s artistic program. It is very important to us that artists, whose livelihoods are precarious at the best of times,  continue to be paid.

We understand that your financial circumstances may too have changed, however we do encourage you to donate whatever you can, or if you are in a position to do so, give a little extra this year.

PICA will reopen to the public with a COVID Saftey Plan in place on Friday 10 July with the presentation of the Hatched: National Graduate Show 2020.

Choose your level of support

PICA has a range of donor levels, each supporting a vital aspect of our programs:
  • Instant Philanthropists ensure that PICA offers free cultural experiences ($2 plus)
  • ART1000 donors nurture the next generation of artists and art lovers and connect to the creative future of Perth ($1,200)
  • Art Ambassadors build arts leadership in Western Australia ($2,500)
  • Director’s Circle donors support ambitious artistic projects ($5,500)
  • Art Commissioners support the realisation of big new ideas ($10,000 plus)


Donations can be paid through a staggered payment plan via Art Pledge, where you can contribute fortnightly, monthly or by agreement through a direct deposit.

More detail about each donor level and the activities they each support is outlined below. Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, some programming dates may need to be modified.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how you can support PICA, please contact


    Every dollar supports PICA. Your donation ensures we can continue to create defining moments for artists, art forms and audiences, well after COVID-19.

    You can:
    – Donate online
    – Direct deposit to:
    BSB: 036 004
    Acct: 187 049

    Any amount over $2 is tax deductible.




    To arrange your fortnightly or monthly pledge contact

    Eligible Programs:

    ART1000 ($1,200)
    ART1000 donors nurture the next generation of artists and art lovers and connect to the creative future of Perth.

    ART AMBASSADOR ($2,500)
    Art Ambassadors build arts leadership in Western Australia.

    DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE ($5,500)
    Director’s Circle donors support ambitious artistic projects.


  • ART1000

    ART1000 donors nurture the next generation of artists and art lovers and connect to the creative future of Perth

    $100 per month or $46.30 per fortnight
    $1,200 per year

    $1,000 tax-deductible donation to empower artists and audiences
    $200 covers the cost of ART1000 donor events (including virtual events during our closed period)

    What difference will a donation to PICA make to your community?

    It will ensure:

    – The talents of Australia’s most promising emerging artists are supported and celebrated in PICA’s Hatched National Graduate Show;

    – Free Education Resources and Experiences are provided to schools;

    – Free, fun and accessible All Ages Activities are created for families and the young at heart for each PICA exhibition and virtually during our closed period;

    – PICA delivers Art Access Programs that increase participation for those with differing abilities.

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    Art Ambassadors build arts leadership in Western Australia

    $208.34 per month or $96.15 per fortnight
    $2,500 per year

    $2,000 tax deductible donation
    $500 covers the cost of Art Ambassador donor events (including virtual events during our closed period)

    Your donation will provide significant career development opportunities for our local artists and arts professionals, and ensure that:

    – Talented WA artists are supported to create and/or present new work at PICA: Artists supported in 2020 include Jen Jamieson, Janet Carter, Daley King, Jacinta Larcombe, Bruno Booth, Kendal Gear, Max Pam, Bruce Slatter, Nicole Slatter, James Walker, Ian Williams and The Last Great Hunt;

    – WA artists are supported through PICA’s studio residency and creative development programs, (including virtual variations of these during our closed period) with artist fees, free use of a studio or the performance space, and artistic and technical support to help them develop their ideas into potential new art works;

    – WA artists and arts workers are exposed to new practices, working methodologies and benchmarks for arts leadership through lectures, floor talks, labs and workshops (including those that are virtual during our closed period).

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    Director’s Circle donors support ambitious artistic projects

    $458.34 per month or $211.54 per fortnight
    $5,500 per year

    $5,000 tax-deductible donation
    $500 for covers the cost of Director’s Circle donor events (including virtual events during our closed period)

    By renewing/becoming a Director’s Circle donor you will ensure that projects of ambition and scale are realised.  In 2020 these include:


    Tina Havelock Stevens
    9 February – 19 April
    Ground Floor Galleries, online from 21 March
    Presented in association with Perth Festival 2020

    This is the first exhibition to showcase a range of video works and a new neon work by Tina Havelock Stevens, who has emerged as one of Australia’s leading performance and video artists. Her practice is informed by her background in documentary film-making and as a drummer in the post-punk music scene. Visceral and immersive, her evocative films are accompanied by soundscapes that she herself has performed and recorded.

    For this exhibition at PICA, Tina, with her collaborator Liberty Kerr, will give a two hour live performance of the score for her seminal video work Thunderhead.

    Refracted Reality

    Artists: Hoda Ashfar (NSW), Bruno Booth (WA), Helen Britton (Ger/WA), Kendal Gear (WA), Max Pam (WA), Karrabing Film Collective (NT), Bruce Slatter and Nicole Slatter (WA), Valerie Sparks (VIC), Angela Tiatia (NZ/NSW), James Walker (WA), Ian Williams (WA)

    Dates: TBC*
    Ground Floor Galleries

    A significant group exhibition curated by Anna Louise Richardson, Refracted Reality will explore the work of twelve artists whose practices offer new ways to frame the complexities of human nature as a vivid spectacle of truths. These artists masterfully employ diverse mediums and artistic approaches to explore the urban domestic and introspective interiors, digital and sublime landscapes and social change. Works by the artists will be offered for sale to PICA donors and other supporters at the PICA Salon Vernissage (date TBC).

    *Dates subject to public health directives

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    Art Commissioners support the realisation of big new ideas

    $10,000 per year over 3 years

    Through PICA’s Commissioning Fund, artists ready to take the next big step in their practice will receive the resources, time and critical and creative nurturing required to be conceptually and technically ambitious; to push, or defy, the boundaries of form; and engage in open and meaningful dialogue with audiences.

    Projects supported by PICA’s Art Commissioners in 2020 include:

    This is not personal by Jen Jamieson (WA)

    Pilot Showings: 17 January – 1 February, during FRINGE WORLD 2020
    Premiere Season: Dates TBA, during Mental Health Week*

    This is not personal is a new work in development that creates a personalised set of self care sign-cards to assist in times of difficulty. Created by Jen Jamieson, this intimate performance workshop invites a small group to develop written responses to the challenges of life when our mental health is not helping us socialise. Pairing personal reflection with social interaction and design aesthetics with the hand-made, This is not personal is an invitation to encourage new ways of wellbeing and break down the barriers in talking about mental health.

    An original concept developed at PICA as part of KISS club 2019, this work will be piloted during Fringe World in preparation for its premiere season at PICA during National Mental Health Week.

    Transmission by Janet Carter (WA)

    Residency & Public Events: 14 January – 1 February, during FRINGE WORLD 2020
    Premiere Season: TBC

    Transmission will research queer desire and culture, offering a counter-response to loss and the failure to transmit, with reference to the AIDS epidemic and the generational loss of the 80s and 90s. Transmission seeks to create community and alternative acts of transmission that summon a queer future.

    The residency stage undertaken during Fringe World will allow Janet to conduct community research via a participatory installation/archive, a town hall meeting and a queer party. The premiere presentation will take place at PICA during Perth’s Pride Festival 2020.

    I don’t see colour by Salote Tawale (NSW/Fiji)

    Date TBC*
    First Floor Gallery

    Salote Tawale was born in Suva, Fiji Islands and grew up in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and is now based in Sydney, NSW. She is recognized predominantly for her performance and video based works – employing photography, video, drawing, sculpture, installation and live actions.

    In 2018 Tawale was the recipient of six-month Australia Council for the Arts residency hosted by ACME studios in London, during this period she undertook research in archives and collections in London and Paris that contain cultural artefacts from the Pacific Islands. During this period, she also began to find new ways of producing, experimenting with painting. The new body of work which will be exhibited at PICA is the outcome of this period of development and experimentation and marks a significant development in Tawale’s practice.

    Telephone by The Last Great Hunt (WA)

    Season:  TBC
    PICA Performance Space 

    Telephone is a new theatre work continuing PICA and The Last Great Hunt’s partnership that has resulted in hits such as NEW OWNER (2016), THE IRRESITIBLE (2017) and LÉ NØR [the rain] (2019). A time jumping, genre bending rollercoaster through the word of communication, this interdisciplinary work will integrate analogue and digital technology to explore connection and disconnection across the history of humankind.

    *Dates subject to public health directives

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    PICA donors recognise that a commitment to art and the cultural vibrancy of the city we live in is fundamental to the health of our community.

    That is why each year they continue to support PICA to invest in local artists, to bring the most extraordinary contemporary artists to Perth audiences and why PICA values their long term and significant support.

    Donors who have given over $10,000 to PICA since the inception of its Donor Program in 2009 are acknowledged as PICA ART PATRONS.

    Long term gifts and pledges make the biggest impact.


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Image: Daley Rangi, Lipstuck, 2020. Presented at PICA as part of FRINGE WORLD 2020. Photo by Daniel James Grant.