Telephone Showing

Continuing PICA and The Last Great Hunt’s partnership that has resulted in hits such as NEW OWNER (2016), THE IRRESISTIBLE (2017) and LÉ NØR [the rain] (2019), Telephone is a roller coaster ride through New Year’s Eve 1999.  

About The Work

It’s Y2K, the biggest party of the year and the end of the millennium. A radio host on the verge of a breakdown counts us down to midnight; teenagers try to sneak out to a party; a survivalist is prepping for 12:01 and the impending collapse of society, government takeover and martial law. 

Integrating analogue technologies, lo-fi light refraction and 90’s trance music, Telephone explores connection and disconnection across an iconic moment in the history of humankind at the dawn of a new millennium. 

Please RVSP by Thursday 2 December

Showing Thursday 9 December, 3:30pm. Refreshments provided.


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