Alluvial Gold: Collaborative Creativity Across Visual Art and Sound
21 June 2022
PICA Performance Space

11am - 1pm

Alluvial Gold: Collaborative Creativity Across Visual Art and Sound

Join us for a workshop exploring the collaboration between visual art and sound with Alluvial Gold Artists Dr. Louise Devenish, Dr. Stuart James, and Erin Coates.

Alluvial Gold is a visceral drama to the often-forgotten worlds below the surface of the Derbarl Yerrigan and other Australian rivers. Created by percussionist Louise Devenish, composer Stuart James and visual artist Erin Coates, this work looks closely at the devastating impact of colonisation and industrialisation over time, Alluvial Gold considers the ecologies, materials and histories of rivers.

Using instruments modelled on dolphin bones, native oyster shells and marine ecology, Alluvial Gold combines percussion, sculpture and field recordings providing a unique experience to see and hear beneath the surface.

Developed by an interdisciplinary team, Alluvial Gold was created through a non-discipline-dominant creative process. The creative team worked together to develop this work from conception to completion, guided by an ethos of sharing and transferral of ideas, techniques and methods across a wide range of materials to explore their sonic and visual possibilities. The result is a ‘post-instrumental’ performance work that uses both sonic and non-sonic materials for musical performance. In this workshop, the artists will discuss and demonstrate their approach to interdisciplinary collaboration, using examples from Alluvial Gold.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr Louise Devenish, Dr Stuart James and Erin Coates and is open to artists at any stage of their practice with an interest in cross-disciplinary and hybrid performance.

Applicants will be accepted via an expression of interest (EoI) process.

Submissions close Sunday 12 June, 5 pm

Group 32

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