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Andi Nur Azimah
Breeze: Makassar-Perth

Andi Nur Azimah – Breeze: Makassar-Perth

During her residency exchange at PICA, Azimah Fada will research the similarities in cultural musical instruments in Australia and Indonesia to examine the connection between music and storytelling. In Indonesia, the sinrilik of Sulawesi is a string instrument used for passing and conveying political messages, religious beliefs, folklore and supernatural narratives. While in Western Australia, Azimah will be researching instruments used for similar cultural and social purposes. 

Along with Ilona McGuire, Azimah inaugurates Breeze, a new partnership between PICA, Rumata’ Artspace and Universitas Negeri Makassar that provides a platform for knowledge gathering, the exploration of cultural connections and opportunities to develop intercultural relations between Western Australia and Makassar, two areas linked by the historical and cultural ties between Australian First Nations and Makassan people whose connection pre-dates colonisation.   

Supported by PICA’s Art Ambassadors.

About the Artist

Andi Nur Azimah or Azimah Fada (stage name) is a singer/songwriter, music producer, arranger and composer based in Makassar, Indonesia. She released her debut single in 2021, marking the start of her career in the music industry. Azimah’s music is characterised by its emotional depth and vulnerability, which shines through in her poignant songwriting. 


Supported by Project Eleven and PICA’s Art Ambassadors.

This exchange residency is made possible with the support of the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries through a Sector Development Grant and our host partners.



Image: courtesy the artist