Activate Articulate Animate
13 June 2015

Activate Articulate Animate

Laboratory with Julie Vulcan

Join Sydney performance artist & inquisitor extraordinaire, Julie Vulcan, in a full-day lab to pry open and get to the guts of what is means to take to the artist path!
From unpacking provocative art manifestos to interrogating your own mission, Vulcan will guide you on a personal and educational journey to articulate why your work is meaningful – to you, and to the world.
As a collaborator, director, devisor and mentor Julie has facilitated artists to understand and question their own positions, bodies and risks within the greater context of the current climate in which we sit today. Step into a generous space and engage in a series of rigorous exercises designed to lay down your creative foundations and map your desires. This laboratory will help affirm your unique artistic blueprint. Let’s huddle and confer, consult, cogitate, confabulate, commune and consider our comparative notes. Let’s list our exemplars and note our peers.
Be vulnerable, be confident, test your level of risk!
This workshop is suitable for anyone who questions what they are doing and why.
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