Body of Knowledge<br>Samara Hersch & Company
23 - 26 February 2022
PICA Performance Space

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WA Premiere

Body of Knowledge
Samara Hersch & Company

A powerful meditation on age and change.

“Hersch’s art is powerful, visceral, and profoundly imaginative… she engages with universal topics in a transcendent and moving manner.”  – The Theatre Times

This intimate and playful work, performed by teenagers who call into the theatre on mobile phones, is a powerfull meditation on age and change: changes to bodies, changes in attitude, and changes to life. 

Questions of boundaries, sexuality, pleasure, shame, pain, consent, ageing, grief, and death are all on the table as teens chat with the audience in real time from their bedrooms. 

As an inter-generational conversation unfolds, the teacher and the student, the adult and the child, the performer and the audience, begin to shift and entangle. At the direction and instigation of the young telephone callers, we’re given an immersive and deeply pleasurable glimpse into the sights and sounds of Generation Z. 

Body of Knowledge is a surprising, curious and tender experience exploring how we pay attention (or not) to our own and others’ bodies existing across generations.

Group 32

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