Brian Fuata – THIS IS
12 March 2023


Brian Fuata – THIS IS

Presented by sweet pea and PICA

THIS IS (2023) is a new improvised performance by Sydney-based artist Brian Fuata based on Fuata’s recent performance, Easter (2023), which was aborted midway through the second act due to a technical malfunction. Announcing “I can’t do this anymore”, Fuata walked out without completing the three-act sequence. 

Easter (2023) is the “coming out story” drawing from three of the 14 Stations of the Cross – this 14-step Catholic devotion commemorates Jesus Christ’s final day on Earth and is commonly found in churches as iconography or imagery. THIS IS emerges from the psychic remnants of the failed performance beginning where Fuata left off. Incorporating spoken word, improvisation and performance art, Fuata will respond to the physical spaces and sonic resonance of PICA’s architecture.


Performance Start: 4:45pm
Duration: approximately 30 minutes

Presented by sweet pea and PICA

Group 32

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