Dead-ends and Detours<br>Bruno Booth
18 - 20 March 2022
Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre

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World Premiere

Dead-ends and Detours
Bruno Booth

Dead-ends and Detours puts the audience in a wheelchair and shows that disability is not a dirty word. Playful and subversive, the work is an interactive outdoor installation that invites people on the street to compete in an obstacle course using a wheelchair. Race against the clock and the system in a game of will or talent or misfortune?

Mixing sculpture and installation, sport, urban design and disability aesthetics, with cultural references ranging from the Paralympics and Speedway to Evel Knievel, this high-octane work offers you a direct insight into the lived experience of physical disability. Inspired by the navigational challenges Bruno faces as a wheelchair user, this work recasts disability as a skill-set to be celebrated within an empathetic and empowering game.

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