Burrbgaja Yalirra
07 - 16 June 2018

Burrbgaja Yalirra

Marrugeku | 7 – 16 June 2018

Three stories for country
From the creators of Gudirr Gudirr, Cut the Sky and Burning Daylight, Burrbgaja Yalirra (Dancing Forwards) is an evocative triple bill of new solo works.
Curated by Marrugeku’s Artistic Directors Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain, each work is an invitation from our leading change makers to experience intercultural exchange.

Though a series of collaborations with Marrugeku Associate Artists Eric Avery, Edwin Lee Mulligan and Miranda Wheen and a team of interdisciplinary artists, ‘Ngarlimbah’, ‘Dancing with Strangers’ and ‘Miranda’ form a deeply poetic and vivid engagement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures across dance, music and storytelling. Learn more about each triple bill performance.
Led by visionaries Marrugeku, an unparalleled presence in Australia today dedicated to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians working together, join this vibrant retelling and re-awakening of histories, locations and languages.
Co-commissioned by PICA and Carriageworks

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