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Always was, always will be.

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Chris Williams

Chris Williams

AYFAT (All Yours For A Time) is a personalised performance service where you choose the archetype you would like me to be in your life (for a time). Played out in your world, in the real life spaces of your choice, AYFAT is part performance, part play and social experiment. Through the website participants choose an archetype and respond to a series of questions. Rules and guidelines are shared, limits and consent sought.

A personalised interactive performance is then developed, with a customised approach applied to each participant. Some exchanges will be simple and tame, others may be more testing and edgy, depending on the wants and comfort of each person.

With differing comfort zones in mind, the personalised performative interactions can be simple and G-rated: a walk, a dance, an easy conversation, a hug, a gentle kiss. Through to M-rated: a swear saturated argument, a morally questionable activity, a heavy petting session, a shared bath. AYFAT hopes to track candid social interactions, observation and human eccentricities with both lightness and dark humour.

The exchanges will be recorded through wearable cameras. Selected video clips and sound bites from exchanges may be used in a performance presentation that speaks to the findings of the collective exchanges. Participants may also be invited to ‘come chat’ about their experience either in person or via zoom

The service is free, non-sexual and available for a maximum of 3 hours per person.

I will do my best to be everything you want.

About the Artist

Chris Williams is an artist who lives and makes work on the lands of the Whudjuk Noongar people in Boorloo/ Perth. His work spans performance, live art, installation, intervention and CACD.  Experimental, socially engaged and playful, his works often strive to engage a less art-exposed public through curious performative interventions in public spaces.  Chris was an artist with pvi collective since its inception in 1998 until 2022, has a BA in English and Philosophy, with a focus on Performance (Murdoch University), and studied Visual Arts at Curtin University.

AYFAT continues his exploration of creative tactics for the engagement of the public as agents in the making of a performative work.