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Mark Haslam

CONCRETE: heartbeat

CONCRETE: heartbeat

24 hours, 8 stories, 1 city.

CONCRETE:heartbeat is the critically acclaimed production from kdmindustries, a collective of artists with a mind to further exploring the contemporary language of theatrical performance.

A lone storyteller stands onstage in front of an enveloping screen and recounts 24 hours in the life of a major city through eight personal perspectives: short and simple stories that offer snapshots of those who call the metropolis home.

The day unfolds, hour by hour, as the protagonists go about their lives. The stories speak of the energy, noise and loneliness of urban living; the dislocation within anonymity, the pressures and the pollution. But within each there is also a recognised joy in the act of collective living; an inspiration and humour that can only be found in the absurdity of millions of individuals crammed into a high-density life.

Taking its inspiration from a fusion of global street styles and virtual exploration, CONCRETE:heartbeat looks through the smog and traffic congestion to the heart of contemporary cities, creating a powerful snapshot of the excitement of urban habitation in an hour that is both visually stunning and deeply human.