Danielle Freakley
Resident Artists/
17 February - 27 April 2014

Danielle Freakley

Artist In Residence | 17 February – 27 April, 2014

Danielle Freakley is an Australian/Seychellois Artist, returning to Perth from a year spent in New York. Her practice is concerned with the development of interactive installations combining performance, sculpture, drawing, sound and text.
Working in isolation in caves around the world and in WA’s South West, Danielle has developed a series of sculptures which mark a change in direction from previous work in both material and concept, she will work toward the completion of these works during her time in residency at PICA.
Danielle Freakley is an Australian/Seychellois Artist working in Performance, Sculpture, Interactive Installation, Drawing, Sound and Text. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in various Biennials, Triennials, National Galleries, State Galleries, Contemporary Art Spaces, Kitchen Floors, Snake Temples, Ski Slopes, Theme Parks, Bins, Beaches, Train Station Toilets and Graves.
Most of Freakley’s interventionist performances often involve her developing an ability/disability with the public in daily life.
Image courtesy & copyright the artist.

Danielle’s residency is generously supported by the Central Institute of Technology


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