Dead-ends and Detours
01 September October 2021

Dead-ends and Detours

Bruno Booth | COMING IN 2021

Commissioned by PICA & Next Wave
Dead-ends and Detours is a participatory outdoor installation that puts the audience in a wheelchair, pits them against their friends and shows that disability is not a dirty word. Interactive, playful and subversive by nature, the work invites members of the public to navigate it as an ‘obstacle course’ within a wheelchair. This work recasts physical disability as a skill-set to be celebrated within an enjoyable and competitive game.
Bruno Booth is a multidisciplinary artist based in Fremantle. Bruno has used a wheelchair for most of his life, interrupted by a short and unsuccessful career as an amateur stilt walker when he used prosthetic legs as a child. Having a disability has been a constant background hum throughout Bruno’s life. Kind of like a social tinnitus – you know it’s there but you try not to talk about it. It was only when he started to call himself an artist, without cringing too much, that he began to engage critically with what it meant to be categorised as disabled.


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