Dead Ringer
14 November - 27 December 2015

Dead Ringer

14 November – 27 December

Featuring work by Australian and international artists, Dead Ringer seeks to draw forth the doppelgangers, ghosts and bad copies that haunt us. The exhibition unites an original group of artists whose works negotiate the extremes of portraiture by reproducing reality through painting, photography, cast objects, and 3D virtual worlds.

This group show connects artists across artforms, cultures and time zones. Drawing on theories of quantum entanglement, parallel worlds, stolen identities and exact duplicates, Dead Ringer is about identity crisis in the post-internet age.

Download the Dead Ringer media release here

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PICA would like to thank and acknowledge the artists and the following lenders to the exhibition: Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney; Josh Milani Gallery, Brisbane; Murdoch University Art Collection;  Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney; Seva Frangos; Seva Frangos Art, Perth; Starkwhite, Auckland; Thomas Dane Gallery, London; Tolarno Gallery, Melbourne; Warmun Art Centre, Warmun;  The Wesfarmers Collection and Private Collections.

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