At PICA we recognise that we are situated within the unceded lands of the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation. We pay our respects and offer our gratitude to Elders past and present, and to those emerging leaders in the community. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the importance of their care and continued connection to culture, community and Country.

Always was, always will be.

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Dureshawar Khan

Dureshawar Khan

For those who threw the Oranges (and came back to clean the mess) is a durational performance that explores the theme of repentance. The work aims to honour apologies left unoffered through audience participation and the creation of an objet d’art (a small object considered to be of artistic worth).

Dureshawar will have her studio door open to the public Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 April, 10am–5pm. 

About the Artists

Dureshawar Khan is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa now living on Noongar Country (Perth). She creates works from the perspective of a queer Muslim woman and as a migrant Esapzai Pashtun, finding a way to reconcile her Abrahamic upbringing and pre-Islamic tribal roots with works that explore concepts of displacement, identity and belonging. Khan views performance as a form of storytelling that intermingles familial history, religious iconography, personal narrative and everyday life. Her practice marries her love of theatre with other disciplines such as photography, writing and folk art.


Image: Courtesy of Dureshawar Khan