EDfutures Design Workshop
15 October 2017

EDfutures Design Workshop

Sunday 15 October, 2pm - 5pm

*Please note this event is now fully booked.
This workshop is aimed at individual teachers or teaching-teams from WA high school and is suitable (but not limited to) the Science, Arts and Technologies learning areas.
Join PICA staff and EDfutures in a workshop that will see you design an interdisciplinary project that can be run in your classroom or school. Using PICA’s forthcoming exhibition Remedial Works as a source of inspiration for you and your students, you will design an interdisciplinary project with an explicit focus on the general capabilities (literacy, numeracy, ICT capability, critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, intercultural understanding, and personal and social capability) and will mix elements of project-based learning and portfolio-based assessment.
PICA and the EDfutures community believes that the key to driving systemic change in education is empowering teachers to solve education’s ‘wicked’ problems. By collaborating, sharing and innovating within the education ecosystem, our community network aims to do just that.

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