23 January - 07 February 2015


SUMMER NIGHTS | 3 - 7 February

Best friends, bad decisions

Best mates turn twenty eight. Time to get a life, right? For Jimmy it’s time to give up porn, crusty undies, microwave meals and having a tear soaked pillow. For Corgan it’s time to quit with all the fake phone numbers, lewd hypocrisy and accidental unprotected. A bad case of the grass always being greener triggers slatherings of unsolicited advice as they point out to one another how easy it would be if they could live the other’s life. How much judgement can a friendship stand before it snaps?

Two of Perth’s sharpest writers, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs, command the stage where the same story is told twice – by two unreliable narrators. FAG/STAG gives the audience a gruesome, hilarious and honest exploration of what it means to have a best mate when you’re stuck being your worst self.

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