Forgiving Night for Day
18 February - 16 April 2017

Forgiving Night for Day

Jacobus Capone | 18 February - 16 April

Filmed in Lisbon over seven consecutive sunrises, Forgiving Night for Day is a contemplative reflection on the poetic Portuguese word ‘saudade’, an expression of deep nostalgia and longing for people, places and times irrevocably lost. During a winter spent in Lisbon a lyric was written by Jacobus Capone in response to the empty early morning streets and inspired by the emotive and sombre registers of Fado, a traditional Portuguese music genre. Each morning saw the song reperformed a cappella by a different Fado singer from viewpoints overlooking the city reawakening with the rising of the sun.
Forgiving Night for Day is a meditation on how we process mysterious emotional states and how we can – and often can’t – express them to and with others.

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