Her Aching Heart
07 - 11 October 2008

Her Aching Heart

WishingWell Productions | 7 - 11 October

Inspired by the writings of Daphne Du Maurier et al, Her Aching Heart is an historic romp of lesbian love and desire juxtaposed with a blossoming contemporary liaison. The beautiful Lady Harriet Helstone, ardent and wilful, encounters the gentle yet determined, Molly Penhallow and discovers love; a push-pull of passion and desire ensues amidst a class difference and against all odds. Meanwhile, contemporary Harriet meets Molly… Include a votive nun, Granny, and a handful of other colourful characters; an exploration of gender and class, a comment or three on the nature of relationships, and set against a backdrop of contemporary songs and you have an entertaining and sexy theatre production.

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