Kids' Stuff
06 - 29 March 2008

Kids' Stuff

Steamworks Arts Productions | 6 -29 March

Eat Life Productions in co-production with Steamworks Arts Productions and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts by Raymond Cousse

Translated by Katharine Sturak

Kids’ Stuff is an internationally recognised solo work where the central character, a seven year old boy, is portrayed through direct dialogue with the audience. The young boy imitates the adults he has come into contact with, from his schoolteacher and father to the village policeman and local priest. The audience is presented with a complex and fascinating picture of the characters of a small community through the eyes of an innocent and trusting child. Performed in the Clock Tower Studio, a unique venue in the rooftop of PICA’s iconic building, this is a rare opportunity to experience this breathtaking and uplifting private journey that reflects both the joy and tragedy of humanity.

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