Marmalade & Egg
18 November - 09 December 2006

Marmalade & Egg

18 November - 9 December

Married to a chicken farmer, and now a faded beauty queen, Marmalade wishes she’d crossed her legs during her reign as Miss Sweet Potato ’79. Taking command of her only child’s wedding, Marmalade finds herself compelled to sabotage her own plans in a desperate bid to become the centre of attention. Events begin to unravel when her daughter, Egg’s, American fighter pilot fiancé jets onto the scene. Visually dazzling and magical, Marmalade and Egg is a fantastical and fabled adventure of a mother’s bittersweet love for her only daughter. Poetic and lyrical, this tale will tickle your heartstrings. From the production team that brought you SKIN TIGHT. The day before your wedding, you don’t want Marmalade in your face.

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