Mel Cantwell
Resident Artists/
02 - 06 May 2016

Mel Cantwell

The Elders Project creative development | 2 - 6 May, 2016

Acknowledging a lack of generational respect in contemporary culture for the wisdom of our aged, The Elders Project is intended to offer an opportunity to learn from a variety of individuals about the value of honouring and recognising our elders as a vast intellectual and emotional resource.  Framed by the telling of personal stories in performance, The Elders Project taps into the wisdom, humour and diversity of a group of West Australian senior citizens to offer an intimate audience experience and storytelling encounter that functions like a Q & A, without boundaries.

Audience members will have access to a cast of surrogate grandparents for an hour of dialogue. Directed by Mel Cantwell, The Elders Project features Actor and writer Irma Woods who will host the Q & A exchange. Irma’s dynamic presence and personality will provide a bridge between the audience and the elders.

This development process will involve a series of storytelling workshops for the participants in April, with leading Perth actress Andrea Gibbs. The creative development process will culminate in two intimate showings for invited guests on May 5 at Fremantle Arts Centre and May 6 at PICA.

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