No Lights No Lycra x PICA
04 June 2015

No Lights No Lycra x PICA

Thursday 4 June 7pm

The Fremantle crew from No Lights No Lycra lead by the effervescent Rose Megirian, is coming to PICA as part of Hatched for a very special one-off dance session.This year artists are exploring the critical power of pop and the force of endurance performance, and in this spirit Hatched artist Liam Colgan is curating a gender-bending playlist! To get everyone into the groove, Liam will begin with a short performance piece in homage to Kate Bush.
Hatched galleries open late til 7pm, before the lights go off and the stereo goes up!
Get in on the conversation @PICA_perth #HATCHED15 #NLNL
Capacity is strictly limited, so get there early to secure your place!
No Lights No Lycra is all about letting go of your inhibitions without any liquid courage, so this is an alcohol free event.

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